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PuraSun™ Tanning Supplement - 120 Pills

Product Features:
  • All natural tanning supplement
  • Take 2-4 softgels a day for a safe tan
  • 120-count bottle
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PuraSun™ tanning supplement is the next generation of sunless tanning. PuraSun™ offers a safe, natural-looking tan and supple skin with just two to four ingestible softgels a day. All-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients of this tanning supplement pigment skin evenly with no tan lines. Dermatologist recommended. 120-count bottle. Results will vary.
Product Features:
  • All natural tanning supplement
  • Take 2-4 softgels a day for a safe tan
  • 120-count bottle
Proprietary blend of Natural Carotenes, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin E (alphatocopherol acetate), Borage Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Lecithin, Gelatin Glycerin, Purified Water
Take the capsules at mealtime, with a glass of water. If used before and after sun bathing: take 2 to 4 capsules per day. If used during sun exposure: take 2 capsules twice a day. To maintain a tanned complexion throughout the year: take 2 capsules per day.
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Love this product!
I started using this product after a winter trip to Mexico as I wanted to hang on to my tan without visiting a tanning bed/booth. Event though theproduct is designed to help you tan faster, it really does help you maintain your tan.

About a month later I took a quick business trip to Nevada. Had one afternoon in the sun and was amazed at how quickly I had color again even after using SPF 15 sunscreen.

I can't wait for boating season to really put this to the test!
April 15, 2013
I take two capsules each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. My skin maintains a soft, subtle, slightly tanned appearance; just enough color to appear to have recently been on vacation, and just enough to not have to wear makeup on most days.
December 23, 2015
Very natural looking
I am a 66 years old and very fair skinned. The self tanners often look streaked, orange or dirty on me, not to mention they are not attractive if your skin is not super smooth (i.e. crepey or wrinkled) Purasun is the perfect solution, since it is ingested, not applied to the skin. I get a very natural glow and have been using this product for years.
August 15, 2016
Nice surprize
Was plesantly surprized at how well these little vitamins work. I start taking them about May to prepare my skin for the summer months. I burn easily even with 70 spf lotion on and this product has given me 2 SUMMERS without a sun burn. Still use lotion (50 spf), but my skin has a nice tan base for the sun , now.I have recommended this product to several lifeguards, that liked how my skin looks and I haven't burnt. I am out in the sun everyday, THANK YOU PURASUN!
August 30, 2017
Good product
I used this product a few years ago to get a base tan for a trip to Mexico. Noticed a nice tan only after a few weeks. I forgot about this product until recently I found a half bottle remaining in my drawer. I started taking them again and noticed my skin getting darker right away. This product works really great for me. I have skin that has yellow undertones and I tan very easily. It may not work so well for people with fair skin
April 17, 2013
On my first order I thought I would tan over night just by taking the pills! Not the case. When I went out in the sun my skin tanned very quickly and painlessly. I have been able to maintain my tan with very little sun exposure. I am now setting up PuraSun to be delivered monthly automatically! I love this product and I hope it works as well for you!
July 2, 2011
I would buy tis product again great results
take 2 to 4 a day
May 10, 2017
Started taking it 4 weeks before I went to FL in May.I did not burn and I am fair. I always burn. Always use sunscreen but didn't worry as much as usual. Tanned more easily than ever befoe and in places I don't tan.Kept me golden through the whole summer with little sunning. Was also taking blood levels for Liver function and the product didn't affect the levels at all. Doc knew about my taking it. It is now the end of November and take 1 in the AM & PM. Still a lighter golden tone. Love this product. I use a self tanner/moisturizer/sunscreen on my face and don't expose my face to the sun. That's about the only place I noticed that PuraSun didn't seem to have an effect. Will keep taking it through the winter and into next summer. If it starts fading I will stop taking product until spring and start again for the summer season. Love this product!!!
November 30, 2011
I love using PuraSun year after year!! :))
It really works!
June 8, 2017
I definitely will continue to purchase this item
The color I get is more natural than any product that I have applied on the surface of my skin. And it lasts for months until you stop taking it. Then it fades gradually, without leaving any splotchiness. It is just a light glow which is perfect for my very fair skin. Normally, high doses of Vitamin A can be toxic, but that is if it is from animal products. Purasun is a vegetarian derived product, with no side effects.
March 18, 2017
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It works!!
dawn w on Mar 29, 2019
I've tried it before and I like it.
Cheryl J on Mar 21, 2019
It works!!
dawn w on Mar 29, 2019
KATHY K on Mar 23, 2019
I've tried it before and I like it.
Cheryl J on Mar 21, 2019
Try it
Linda M on Feb 5, 2019
Natural looking tan.
Micki F on Dec 4, 2018
I use this product all year because it gives me a healthy looking tan. I can go out without make up and look good.
Kitty W on Oct 2, 2018
It works, if you have a base tan.
Cecilia M on Sep 16, 2018
Repeat customer...'going on vacation and want to avoid sun.
A G on Jul 8, 2018
Because I really like it I've been using it for years it helps me with my tan keeping it and getting one
Tina H on Jun 18, 2018
Have been using this item for many years, everyday. In order to have a steady, unobtrusive tan, you need only short periods of sunning, while before taking this product it took many hours in the sun to get the desired results.I love it---helps me to maintain my tan year round with a minimum of time and sweating.
GISELE S on May 20, 2018
It works to maintain your tan
Cecilia M on May 18, 2018
This is my third order. So I am getting the rest of the summer supply. It does take 6 - 8 weeks to see a glow on your skin. I am fair but have gotten lots of sun throughout my life. Getting in the sun enhances the glow. Seems to resist sunburning.
N J on May 13, 2018
I quit tanning years ago, but think it looks "healthy" & covers well blotchy well. A little extra for summer!
Marianne J on May 6, 2018
giving it a try
Betty J on May 3, 2018
used before and liked it
Linda K on Apr 21, 2018
I love the product
Micki F on Apr 10, 2018
Wanted a easy way to self tan - can't wait to try
marcia c on Apr 4, 2018
Read some reviews on this item and practically all were 5 stars. So I decided to give a try. Hope I am just as satisfied. Looking forward to getting them.
Carol M on Mar 31, 2018
I do self tanners and it looks fake, so thought I would try this
Betty J on Mar 31, 2018
I Seen It In A Catalog
Brian C on Mar 29, 2018
Because I don't like Sun
Donna A on Mar 23, 2018
I wanted to try something different
Sue G on Mar 21, 2018
used it before and pleased with results
Janette C on Mar 8, 2018
I used in the past and loved results.
Anna R on Mar 5, 2018
hoping to get a tan without the sun or paint
Cindy B on Feb 23, 2018
Going on a cruise and want a little help with tanning without baking in the sun or in a tanning bed.
jane s on Feb 22, 2018
I do not tan well and get sunburned easily.
Geraldine D on Feb 21, 2018
I thought it would help me from tanning outside
carrIE c on Feb 20, 2018
No sun!
Dawn M on Feb 7, 2018
Reviews were good. Seems like an easy, subtle way to have skin look good in summer clothing.
N J on Jan 27, 2018
Satisfied with first bottle I used. LMH
Lynda H on Jan 26, 2018
I have used it for years and my skin always has a pretty glow
Lisa R on Aug 19, 2017
Looking for a nice/healthier way to get a tan
Nola F on Aug 16, 2017
just hoping to get a tan without the harmful effects of the sun. We will see if it works without side effects.
Betty G on Aug 10, 2017
read the reviews sounds promising. Will let all know how hit works. hoping for some color.
Joyce B on Jul 24, 2017
I take two tablets a day and maintain a glowing tan. People compliment me on my beautiful tan.
Kitty W on Jul 21, 2017
helps me tan
Marianne J on Jun 28, 2017
Great way for getting skin ready for beach.
LEE J on Jun 16, 2017
I don't want the sun damage.
Laura B on May 31, 2017
I do not tan hardly at all so I thought I would give these a try. I truly feel they helped as my first weekend in the sun after taking the pills for a few weeks I had a nice tan. My legs are really hard to get any color on and for the first time in years I do have a tan on my legs I just bought another bottle to keep my tan and to see if I can get an even deeper tan.
Debra T on May 26, 2017
without sun
DONNA R on May 4, 2017
A friend tried it and with in 3 days we saw a tan.
Lauri B on May 3, 2017
To just see if it works &worth the money
Patricia B on Apr 24, 2017
Need a tan....don't want to much sun
Annette H on Apr 23, 2017
To see if I can get some color without being in the sun
Angelique D on Apr 8, 2017
hope it will work as well as topical self tanners
Sherry R on Apr 5, 2017
Just want to try this product. I have skin cancers, and love to tan, want to see if it works
Tanya L on Mar 27, 2017
Hoping to have a beautiful tan prior to our beach trip.
Sandra R on Mar 26, 2017
I've used before and love it.
Cheryl J on Mar 24, 2017
safer then being in the sun
judith h on Mar 17, 2017
KATHY K on Mar 23, 2019
Try it
Linda M on Feb 5, 2019
can you still get a tan without sun or tanning bed if you take theses tanning pills?
A shopper on May 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have not tried getting a tan with the pills only. I use them to make my tan last longer, which they do. I take double the recommended dose - 4 pills at night and 4 in the morning. I started with the recommendd dose, and gradually increased my usage to get the results I wanted. The recommended dose did not produce the results I wanted.
Will my skin look orange?
A shopper on May 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Mine did not. What I did notice was I tanned faster and my tan lasted longer that it did without taking the PuraSun. I was in the sun only on the weekends and did continue to use sunscreen which is definitely recommended with any sun exposure.
are there any side affects?
Terri R on Mar 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: After using for 6 years, there have been no side effects and I get liver function tests every 6 months and all is well all the time. Love this product but I do stop taking it during the dark months. Take it March thru October. Check with your doctor if you are not comfortable. I have.
Will it make age spots look darker which is what I now get with using a sunless tanning lotion? It would be nice to get a tan without having the age spots stand out and look darker making them more noticeable.
Wanda B on Dec 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, this product does not make your age spots look darker. I like it because i find it prevents me from burning. I would recommend this product.
I was under the impression that this was a sunless tanner from the description in the catalog,so I was not very pleased but had already thrown out all paper work and packaging.So now my question is this,what exactly does this product do ? It is called Pura Sun,and since I have a skin disease that prevents me from being in the sun,I really don't know what it can do for me.
A shopper on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It makes me tan more quickly and keeps my tan, but it doesn't tan without being in the sun.

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