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PRODjin® Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

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Formulated to combat multiple causes of thinning hair, PRODjin® Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo addresses hair loss due to low circulation, clogged follicles and DHT bonding in the hair follicles. Low circulation can starve follicles of vital nutrients, so PRODjin includes capsicum and rosemary extract to increase circulation. The formula contains a proprietary combination of proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids to leave hair thicker and fuller, with increased elasticity. Caffeine adds a penetrating boost into the hair follicles and scalp to slow down hereditary hair loss and promote hair growth. This hair loss shampoo delivers a host of benefits for your hair, including increased diameter of hair shaft, strength, UV protection, added volume and improved shine and manageability. To use, apply to damp hair and massage into hair and scalp for 60 seconds. Rinse, blow dry and follow with Follicle Stimulator Serum.
  • Hair growth shampoo fights multiple causes of thinning hair
  • Capsicum and rosemary extract increase circulation to improve nutrient flow to follicles
  • Caffeine penetrates into the follicles and scalp to slow down hereditary hair loss and promote growth
  • Increases diameter of hair shaft
  • Provides UV protection
  • Increases volume and shine
  • Contains a combination of hydrolyzed quinoa protein, biotin, saw palmetto wheat protein, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 for thicker, fuller hair with increase elasticity
  • Follow with Follicle Stimulator Serum
  • 12.7 fl. oz.

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