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Fortifying and nourishing the hair shaft from within, our professional hair products' encapsulated keratin binds to follicles to protect from further damage and loss, enhancing the look of fuller, thicker hair. Packed with vitamins, pathenol, biotin, ayurvedic oils, anti-oxidants, this advanced technology shields hair from sun damage, color fading and harmful free radicals, while growth stimulators promote strong, healthy hair, helping reduce further loss. Complete system includes full sizes of all 4 products: shampoo and conditioner with daily defense and night repair system. See individual products for usage and ingredient information.
How to Repair Damaged Hair Damaged hair can result from many factors. Some of these include chemical processes such as straightening, color processing and permanents to damage caused by environmental stressors or daily regimens such as wet and dry combing. i.s. HAIR is designed for protection from daily stressors and helps guard from chemical processes with its liposomal and encapsulated keratin, which helps provide the “architecture” for strong and voluminous hair. The unique formula also helps improve tensile strength and provide protection from harmful UV radiation. The i.s. HAIR system has been clinically proven to reduce dry hair combing breakage by 94% and retain 80% of color after 30 washes.

How to Stop Thinning Hair Thinning hair can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, including medical issues, genetic makeup, diet and environmental stressors. A few things can be done to improve the appearance of thinning hair by effectively building the keratin network within the hair shaft, which will help to improve the fullness of existing hair. Age and exposure to chemicals depletes this protein along with the lipid content of hair, damaging the hair surface and accelerating the aging process. i.s. Night Repair Serum conditions and nourishes the scalp, encourages healthy hair growth and helps repair daily damage done to the hair.

Healthy Hair Tips Wash with mild, non-sulfate shampoo and condition with fortified conditioner, like i.s. shampoo and conditioner, to significantly reduce breakage and protect color. Use a treatment like i.s. Hair Daily Defense Spray to bring volume to the hair and protect from environmental stressors. Anti-oxidants help neutralize the damaging effects from the environment, and are important in the maintenance of healthy hair. i.s. Night Repair Serum helps support intensive hair health.

How to Stop Hair Breakage Hair breakage can be the result of many factors, including dehydration, heat styling and chemical treatments. i.s. HAIR shampoo and conditioner are clinically proven to reduce breakage up to 94%. Using products with encapsulated keratin like the i.s. HAIR system helps build the structure of the hair and increase tensile strength. The technologically advanced delivery system of active ingredients and conditioners helps protect the hair from environmental stressors such as UV, pollution, and free radicals.

How to Repair Split Ends It may not be possible to repair split ends, but it is possible to help prevent them with good hair health. Diet, hydration and using protective products in the i.s HAIR line will help to increase the health of hair. If split ends reappear, the conditioning elements combined with environmental stress protection in i.s. HAIR will help to minimize their appearance as well as control fly-a-way hairs.

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